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Buddhist biographical literature

Feature : TEI marked up biographical collections, which altogether contains more than 3200 hagio-biographies of Chinese Buddhist monks and nuns.

About :

This project presents hagio-biography datasets in three views interface:

1. Geographic Information System (GIS) of Buddhist Biographies Dataset  Link →

The GIS (Geographic Information System) view of biography reader. Read biographies on the left panel, follow links over person, name of place and dates for more information based on the Authority Databases.

2. Social Network Visualization of Buddhist Biographies Dataset  Link →

This Social Network view was based on all nexus points that recorded events involving two or more actors. Click on a person node to display information from the person authority database on the right. Click on a link to gather information about the nexus point, links to the text from CBETA, and the GIS interface. The scope of the visualization can be filtered according to person involved, time and connection.

3. Timeline view of Buddhist Biographies Dataset      Link →

This Timeline view is based on the Authority Database and the recorded date from hagio-biography texts. Clink on a person`s timline to show his/her complete biography. Other than name, social network connection and GIS view of hagio-biographies, clicking on a person`s life span to lights up all actors which whom the person has met, according to the nexus points of the dataset.